A Typical Site Layout

A Typical Site Layout

All fireworks in Kimbolton Display Packs are classified as Category 3 Display Fireworks and are in accordance with British Standard BS7114, part 2:88

They require a minimum safety distance of 25 metres to people or property. It is always better to make full use of available space and increase this distance if possible, particularly in windy conditions.

You will need plenty of stewards for organised displays.

Setting up the site

Place rockets towards the rear of the firing site. Roman candles and mines can be placed in the middle. Set pieces and lancework can be positioned towards the front.




  • Read the instructions well in advance.
  • Obtain the necessary timber for set pieces and candle batteries in advance.
  • Decide on who will do what.
  • Keep the number of operators to a minimum, two - four people should be adequate.
  • Provide electric torches for use in the dark.
  • Allow a minimum safety distance of 25 meters from the fireworks to people or property